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Capacitive sensors


Capacitive sensors from Schlüter in cylindrical miniature design with and without external thread and as disc sensors can be installed almost anywhere to save space. They are suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Schlüter also offers capacitive sensors with integrated amplifiers in designs from Ø6,5 to M30.
For example, with a stainless steel housing for the food industry.

Capacitive sensors are just as suitable as presence sensors as they are as fill level sensors or for position detection.

Types available

  • Capacitive sub-miniature sensors from Ø4 mm x 27 mm, Ø6,5 x 18 mm, M5 x 27 mm and M8 x 25 mm, flush and non-flush
  • Capacitive disc sensors Ø10 x 3 mm, Ø18 x 2,5 or 4 or 10 mm, Ø22 x 4 or 10 mm and Ø30 x 4 or 10 mm with adjustable switching distances between 2,5 and 15 mm
  • Standard capacitive sensors from Ø6,5 mm to M30
  • analog sensors
  • High temperature resistant capacitive sensors up to + 250 ° C
  • Special capacitive sensors according to customer requirements


  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Precise switching behavior
  • High switching speed
  • High temperatures
  • LED function display
  • Adjustable
  • High quality standard


  • Level detection of liquids through container walls
  • Level detection of powders and granulates
  • Presence detection
  • Positioning of metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Semiconductor detection
  • Edge control
  • touch sensors

Our current product catalog

Capacitive sensors or capacitive proximity switches are available in different designs and with different housing materials.

The principle of operation is as follows:

The non-contact capacitive sensor converts a quantity that is interesting from a production point of view (distance or level) into an analog or digital signal that can be further processed. The function is based on a change in the electric field in the vicinity of its active zone.

The basic structure of the sensor consists of an RC oscillator as a pick-up, a demodulator and an output stage (PNP, NPN, complementary, normally closed, normally open or analog as voltage or current output)

The approach of metals or non-metals into the active zone of the capacitive sensor causes a change in capacitance, whereby the RC oscillator begins to oscillate. This causes the trigger stage connected downstream of the oscillator to tilt and the switching amplifier changes its output state or its output current or its output voltage.

Capacitive sensors for numerous applications

We are professionals when it comes to capacitive sensors. You can use this for a wide range of applications. We at Schlüter, Automation and Sensorik, take care of your concerns. We are your provider for the use of sensors and linear axis systems. You will receive excellent products from us, please find out more.

Capacitive sensors: browse our website!

You can find capacitive sensors, inductive sensors and one-way light barriers on our website You can find our capacitive sensors in cylindrical miniature versions with and without external thread and as disc sensors. You can install them almost anywhere to save space. Use capacitive sensors for a variety of applications.

Capacitive sensors: also with integrated amplifier

We also offer capacitive sensors with an integrated amplifier. They are available in the designs Ø 6,5 up to M30. You can also order these sensors with a stainless steel housing, for example for the food industry. Our capacitive sensors are suitable as presence sensors as well as level sensors or for position detection.

Diverse range of types

You can order capacitive sub-miniature sensors from Ø 4 mm x 27 mm, Ø 6,5 mm x 18 mm, M5 x 27 mm and M8 x 25 mm, flush and non-flush, from us. Other available variants are capacitive sub-miniature sensors and capacitive disc sensors Ø 10 mm x 3 mm, Ø 18 mm x 2,5 mm or 4 or 10 mm, Ø 22 mm x 4 or 10 mm and Ø 30 mm x 4 or 10 mm with adjustable switching distances between 2,5 to 15 mm. We also carry the standard capacitive sensors from Ø 6,5 mm to M30 and analog sensors as well as high temperature-resistant capacitive sensors up to +250 degrees Celsius. You can also order capacitive special sensors from us according to customer requirements.

Get to know the advantages

Buy capacitive sensors from us, your professional company with more than 50 years of experience, and get to know the advantages of these devices. These include the stable metal housing, the precise switching behavior, the high switching speed, the high possible temperatures, the LED function display and the good adjustability as well as the high quality standard.

New: Capacitive disc sensor D10 x 2,8 mm, similar to the discontinued type BCS D10T401-XXS25C-ET00,3-GZ01-002, article BCS00HN