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Inductive sensors - inductive proximity switches standard sensors, aluminum sensors, miniature sensors, high-performance sensors, types M4 to M80

Inductive sensors - miniature sensors M4 and Ø3 mm x 25 mm
Inductive sensor - Ø6,5 x 16 mm with right-angled cable outlet

Inductive sensors or inductive proximity switches from Schlüter are robust and only react to metal. They are available in miniature versions from 3 mm in diameter to large sensors with 100 mm in diameter.

Types available

  • Inductive sub-miniature sensors with Ø3 x 25 mm to M8 x 16 mm
  • Standard inductive sensors from Ø6,5 mm to M30
  • Inductive high-performance sensors with increased switching distance
  • Inductive full metal sensors M12 - M30 (viewer)
  • Analog sensors M12 - M30
  • High-temperature resistant inductive sensors from design M8 to M80 with working temperatures up to + 250 ° C
  • Pressure-resistant inductive sensors up to +800 bar


  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Precise switching behavior
  • High switching speed
  • High temperatures
  • LED function display
  • High quality standard


  • Presence detection
  • Product recognition
  • End position determination
  • Positioning
  • Differentiation of metals
  • Position detection of slides in tools
  • Scanning

Schlüter inductive sensors are suitable for a wide variety of tasks. Our inductive sensors also work where the products of other manufacturers reach their limits. For example, with high pressure, high temperatures, fog, steam, pressurized water.

Areas of application include the food industry (climate change-resistant sensors with protection class IP69k) and the chemical industry, robot grippers (inductive sub-miniature sensors), industrial ovens (temperature-resistant inductive sensors), in the aluminum and steel industry, in tool construction, in packaging machines and in many other work areas.

If required, we also develop special inductive sensors for customer-specific tasks. For example, temperature-resistant and pressure-resistant inductive sensors for use in turbines, in the deep sea or in other difficult areas of application.

Give us a call! Or send us an email. We would be happy to advise you on the use of our inductive sensors in your application.



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Inductive sensor - miniature sensor 5 x 5 x 25 mm
Inductive sensor - miniature sensor 6,5 x 16 mm

Inductive proximity switches from a company with many years of experience

Buy inductive proximity switches and other automation and sensor technology products from us. We at Schlüter, Automation and Sensorik, take care of your individual concerns. You can be sure that we will find products and solutions that are perfect for your application. Contact our support.

Inductive proximity switches and more

At we offer inductive proximity switches standard sensors, miniature sensors, miniature sensors and high-performance sensors (design M4 to M80). You can find all available types for inductive proximity switches on our homepage. Schlüter switches only react to metal and are robust. They are also available in miniature versions from three millimeters in diameter to large sensors with a diameter of 100 millimeters.

Inductive proximity switches: available types

For example, with our inductive sensors you can choose the inductive sub-miniature sensors with Ø 3 x 25 mm to M8 x 16 mm. Or you can opt for the inductive high-performance sensors with an increased switching distance. We also offer the inductive full metal sensors M12 - M30 (through-view), the analog sensors M12 - M30 and high temperature resistant inductive sensors from design M8 to M80 with working temperatures up to + 250 ° C as well as pressure-resistant inductive sensors up to +800 bar.


The advantages

Benefit from the advantages of these proximity switches. They have a stable metal housing and very precise switching behavior. The high switching speed, the high temperatures, the LED function display and the high quality standard are advantages that you should not miss. Use these products in different areas of application. That would be the presence detection, the product detection but also the end position determination. You can also use inductive proximity switches for positioning, distinguishing between metals and detecting the position of slides and tools, as well as scanning.

Years of experience

We have been your specialist in the field of sensor technology and automation for more than 50 years. Whether inductive proximity switches or other sensors, we take care of your request. Contact our support and let us advise you.