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Special light barriers


Schlüter offers you a range of special light barriers and light scanners for a wide variety of applications. These special light barriers are characterized by a high transmission energy and by dispensing with optical focusing. Due to the high transmission energy, the light barriers are insensitive to interference from dust, fog, steam, rain, snow and much more. They also work where other light barriers no longer do.

Types available

  • Universal light barriers for operation with and without fiber optics
  • Special light barriers for working temperatures> 1.000 ° C
  • Special light barriers for industrial ovens and drying systems
  • Design M18, M30 or according to customer requirements
  • Long ranges of up to> 100 m
  • Fast versions up to 5 kHz
  • Robust special light barriers for heavy industry
  • Waterproof encapsulated versions
  • Light barriers for the requirements of the food industry
  • Custom-made products according to customer requirements


  • The light barriers work with high light energy
  • They can also be used with heavy soiling
  • These light barriers work in fog, snowfall, rain, oil mist, hail, heat, cold ...
  • They are extremely robust and durable
  • There are versions with switching speeds of up to 5 kHz
  • Long switching distances up to> 100 m without optical focusing
  • Robust design, metal housing
  • High quality standard and long service life
  • Glass fiber optics can be adapted for high temperature ranges and extreme environmental conditions
  • Custom-made products possible according to customer requirements


  • Presence detection of all kinds of objects
  • Collision protection (e.g. for cranes, booms ...)
  • Height control in front of bridges, tunnels, obstacles (even in fog, snow, hail and rain)
  • site monitoring
  • Barrier monitoring
  • heavy industry
  • Lime and cement kilns
  • Kilns for bricks and clay
  • In the event of steam formation in the door area
  • Detection of objects in industrial furnaces (glass, steel, ceramics)
  • In your special application - ask us!

Product catalogue

One-way light barrier: various designs from the specialist

Are you looking for the perfect through-beam sensor for your application? Trust us. Schlüter, Automation und Sensorik, your professional when it comes to sensors and linear axis systems. We would be happy to advise you on the use of the one-way light barrier or other products. We will find the optimal solution for your request.

One-way light barrier: available in various dimensions

Buy the one-way light barrier from us, Here you will find photo sensors and light guides in a wide variety of dimensions and housing shapes. The smallest design is Ø 4 mm x 22 mm, this is also available as a reflex sensor and as a one-way light barrier.

One-way light barrier: also inexpensive models

You can also order inexpensive models from us. We also have sensors for very special applications, such as reflex scanners and background suppression. You can buy various types from us, such as the cylindrical designs in Ø 4 mm, M5, M12 and M18. We also offer cylindrical designs for reflex scanners with and without background suppression, reflex light barriers and fiber optic sensors.


Insensitive to dirt and more

Our through-beam photoelectric switch is inexpensive and has a high switching speed and large switching distances. The robust design will convince you as well as our high quality standard. But the insensitivity to soiling and the wide range of standard products are also convincing on our website. Have the product catalog sent to you or view it online.


Years of experience

Benefit from our more than 50 years of experience when you buy the one-way light barrier, the optical sensors and the inductive and capacitive sensors. We will find a solution for your individual problem. We also offer magnetic field switches and laser distance sensors. We also offer you safety light curtains, table robots and SCARA robots as well as linear axis systems and handling systems. We are your preferred professional in the field of sensor technology and automation. If you have any questions about our product range, please contact us via our support by email or phone. Benefit from our know-how and our competence. We offer you an optimal price-performance ratio.